Year 2023

Ahphiniha Sne

23 episodes · TV Ongoing ปาฏิหาริย์รัก - អភិនិហាស្នេហ៍​ - The Infinite Love (2023)

Davika and Pawee were a couple but due to an accident, she thought he was dead. Davika eventually moves on with Chatchawin, who was always by her side and helped heal her broken heart. But she never stopped loving Pawee.

Angkareak Besdoung

Channel 3
18 episodes · TV Ongoing เพราะรัก,អង្គរក្សបេះដូង,Because of Love (2023)

The ring and security of the Singh family is adopted to have the power that allows him to save people from any danger. She decided to disappear after the arranged marriage of Singh because she was afraid of disappointment. Now he works as a security guard for a foreign client.

Ban Dasar Neak Reach

Netflix, One 31
19 episodes · TV Ongoing พนมนาคา - បណ្តាសារនាគរាជ

An outbreak of an unknown disease that gives the children of Phanom Nakha different types of snakes leads Dr. Benedict is studying that. Asia, a nurse, was chosen to help him. Along the way, the two meet Phumkhaobin, a lively and mysterious man and the younger brother of Asia’s friend Pheka. Entering the search, Asia could not imagine that he would not only meet the mysterious Phumkhaobin, but also get involved in the mystical history of the country where people worship snakes.

Bope Soniveas 2 Vak Prom Liket

Channel 3, Netflix
26 episodes · TV Ongoing พรหมลิขิต - បុព្វសន្និវាសវគ្គព្រហ្មលិខិត - Love Destiny 2 (2023)

Picking up the story of Karaket in Ayutthaya in the 17th century, life goes on, plotting the current reality. 21st century Pyutthan finds an ancient text and transports it back in time where he entered and fell in love with Rit, the son of Karaket. Finally, it reveals why he has to make the exhausting journey from one life to another, over and over again. Will their love be able to break the evil karmic circle?

Chomlosh Bak Yean San Ning Bayhor

26 episodes · TV Ongoing ជម្លោះបក្សយានសាន និងប៉ាយហ័រ - Love Forever Young (2023)

There are two main schools in Yan Shan Ethereal: Yan Shan School, which has two boys, and Bai Hua School, which has two girls. These two schools interact day and night, but due to strict and archaic rules, they do not interact. But nothing can stop the young people’s desire for love, and a series of complex and joyful stories unfold.

Choub Sne Rodov Rumhery

Hunan TV, Mango TV
40 episodes · TV Ongoing 去有风的地方 - ជួបស្នេហ៍រដូវរំហើយ - Meet Yourself 2023

Xu Hong Dou is a woman who has worked in the hospitality industry most of her life. She’s every inch the big country lady, but her life hits a sudden obstacle. His best friend died, ending his life in tragedy. His career began to suffer. But instead of continuing to live in the city, he decides to take a break from the remote country life. He goes to Yun Miao village, near Dali, Yunnan Province, in search of peace and quiet.

Game Moronak Dak Jivit

30 episodes · TV Ongoing 三體, ហ្គេមមរណៈដាក់ជីវិត,Three-Body (2023)

The nanomaterials expert sees deep calculations applied to his vision and finds himself in military research. To uncover the mystery, he enters the VR game “Three-Three” developed by the secret company ETO and discovers the truth behind the death of many scientists and disasters from the time of the Cultural Revolution.

Kan Dab Dai Pnek Bon Torl​

Channel 8, True4U
32 episodes · TV Ongoing สุภาพบุรุษมงกุฎเพชร,Muay Sading Mat Sing Saifah (2023)

Hiran is a businessman. Life was going well for him, until his friend betrayed him by stealing 10 million baht. The debtors threatened to kill him. Because of his debt, he had to flee. But fate made him hide in the crowd. The villagers believed Hiran to be the only surviving son of Boonmee, the founder of the group who died recently. Hiran interacts with the group and the community, especially Kaosuay who is the leader. But things are not as simple as it seems when the true heir suddenly appears.

Komnorb Sne Chlong Pel Velea

25 episodes · TV Completed កំណប់សេ្នហ៍ឆ្លងពេលវេលា - The Secret of Moment 2023

When Pradap Veeti’s family lost his father, his mother suffered from head disease. Recently, he lost a loved one. One day, in 2015, he received a letter. According to the letter, he went to a museum shop called The Secret. When he arrived at the Museum of Secrets, he read a letter from the drawer of the watch factory. What kind of difficulties and obstacles will there be in the meeting between the two? The romantic moments between An and Win should be watched with enthusiasm and enthusiasm in the story of

Kompul Kong Kapar Av Daek

24 episodes · TV Completed 山河之影 - កំពូលកងការពារអាវដែក

Li Wu comes from a humble background but, due to a misunderstanding, becomes a member of the Imperial Secret Police known as the Embroidered Uniform Guards. On the outside, he appears to be selfish and well-spoken, but on the inside, he is honest and values ​​brotherhood. Lu Zheng was the first guard; is far from true. But through their meeting, they discover the friendship they both seek and begin together. They have been involved in many cases and the hatred that has flowed into the courtroom. Will they be able to solve all the puzzles without becoming wanted themselves?

Kompul Nak Promanh Neak Reach

Channel 7
33 episodes · TV Ongoing แม่โขง - កំពូលអ្នកប្រមាញ់នាគរាជ

The historical story revolves around the search for soldiers lost in the Vietnam War, the Phuri tribe of the Mekong and the great Naga who are supposed to protect the land.

A US-Thai company began building a bridge across the Mekong River connecting Thailand and Laos. Dave Shaun, an American and former Vietnam veteran, is currently in charge of the bridge construction site. Kimberly Baker is a professor studying the ancient Puri tribe.

Kru Pet Chhlong Phop ll

Channel 3
22 episodes · TV Completed หมอหลวง - គ្រូពេទ្យថងឯក វគ្គ២ - Royal Doctor (2023)

Bua, a medical student from today’s 5G era, is mysteriously swept back to King Rama III’s reign – the golden era of Thai traditional medicine. Immediately thrown into an unknown world where she finds allies and rivals, her modern ways inevitably clash with old traditions.

Kumnum Chheam PhumThan Louk

IQiyi, Tencent Video
36 episodes · TV Completed គំនុំឈាមភូមិឋានលួក - The Ingenious One 2023

Yun Xiang, a disciple of Yuntai, entered the world to exact revenge for his massacred family after fifteen years of cultivation. Though lacking any martial arts skills, but having an incredible intelligence about him, while traveling Yun Xiang made several friends who shared his aura of intrigue and mystique. Shu Ya Nan, an orphan taken in by Yun Xiang’s master, possessed amazing martial art skills but also had many secrets she was hiding, Jin Biao was a master swordsman with a sense of his own justice, and Su Ming Yu, who hid his skills and due to his travels, possessed an uncanny ability to understand almost every martial art skill and name as well as its weakness.

Laila Thida Yak ll

One 31, oneD
37 episodes · TV Completed ไลลาธิดายักษ์2

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Long Sne Me On Deuk

17 episodes · TV Ongoing พระนคร ๒๔๑๐ - លង់ស្នេហ៏មេអណ្តើក

The story follows Noree, the granddaughter of the city’s number one matchmaker, Grandma Thaep, who has to find a partner for Khun Rit, aka Phra Ritthirongranyuth, the head of the police department. The part that Noree finds suspicious and challenging is the fact that Khun Rit is 40 years old and has stayed single to date. He’s very handsome, has very good looks, and is wealthy.

Nak Klahan Chhlong Phop

13 episodes · TV Ongoing ดวงใจจอมกระบี่ - អ្នកក្លាហានឆ្លងភព

Nalinya’s life reaches a turning point when she accidentally falls off of the Ching Dao cliff. At the bottom, she meets a strange guy. He’s no ordinary man, but a martial artist from the Chinese wuxia novel she’s translating.

Nisaiy Sne Chong Cheor

Tencent Video
40 episodes · TV Completed 重紫,និស្ស័យស្នេហ៍ឆុងជឺ,The Journey of Chong Zi (2023)

The demon king Ni Lun was annihilated leaving the demon clan in tatters as they escape into the mortal realm. Chong Zi is pure and kind, yet she holds a strong evil breath within her. After being saved by the immortal Chu Bu Fu, she becomes determined to cultivate at Nanhua but is turned away as it has been foretold that she will become a demon.

Phkay Sne Prah Krous

40 episodes · TV Ongoing ផ្កាយស្នេហ៍ព្រះគ្រោះ , ច្រឡំរោងការ ប្តូរវាសនាស្នេហ៍ុំ,The Starry Love (2023)

The queen of the human race gave birth to twins. Respected by all clans, Qing Kui’s elder sister, gentle and kind, believed in the heavenly prince. The younger sister, Ye Tan, who is clever and cunning, shunned by her own people, believes in the demon lord. Because of the confusion, the two sisters married the wrong husbands. This sets the stage for two beautiful romances and also reveals a secret conspiracy that shakes the four kingdoms.

Plerng Kom Nom

Channel 3
22 episodes · TV Completed ភ្លើងគំនុំ, ភ្លើងគំនុំកម្លោចស្នេហ៍, Nobody's Happy if I'm Not, แค้น, Wrathful

Her belief and trust were destroyed by the person who she loves the most. In spite of losing her home and family business, a light hearted young girl, Muanprae, became a woman who has nothing to lose and put everything for the revenge to her own aunt, Prangtong. Muanprae was deeply wounded by her cold-hearted aunt. The burning vengeance is so strong and would stop at nothing even though it might hurt people around her.

Sdach Sva 2023

43 episodes · TV Ongoing 凌云志,ស្ដេចស្វា 2023,The Legends of Changing Destiny 2023

A dying man accidentally travels through time and becomes the Monkey King. Unwilling to accept his fate, he embarks on a journey that leads him to face gods and demons.

Sne Leak Komnouch

16 episodes · TV Completed VIP รักซ่อนชู้ - ស្នេហ៍លាក់គំនួច

Rin is a woman who appears to have it all: She is a key member of the VIP customer management team at a major Thai department store. The team caters to the store’s super-rich clients, providing private shopping sessions and exclusive services. As well as being successful, she is also beautiful, and has a dashing and equally successful husband Pakawat, the team leader of the same management team. But her life comes crashing down around her one late night, she hears Pakawat having a heated argument with someone on the phone.

Sobin Senh Niteaka Rodov

Tencent Video
36 episodes · TV Completed 春闺梦里人 - សុបិនស្នេហ៍និទាឃរដូវ - Romance of a Twin Flower 2023

Ji Man is a girl from Haifang. He is happy and has business skills. He is traveling to Beijing to pursue his dream when he has a sudden accident. When he wakes up, he will find that he has forgotten. But, for some reason, he now lives in the palace of a powerful dynasty.

Teuk Dey Achariyak Chompeak Sne

Mango TV
24 episodes · TV Ongoing 与卿书, Fairyland Romance (2023), ទឹកដីអច្ឆរិយជំពាក់ស្នេហ៍

In the clouds and mist of the mountains, there is a village full of peach blossoms that is isolated from everything. Zuo Jing Lun, the heir to the Imperial Dynasty, entered this place on his way to begin his work in the southwest. Here, he finds his inner peace and falls in love with Liu Qing Qing, a strong leader who tries to love and hate.

Trokol Nak Broha Kla Neng Kok

36 episodes · TV Ongoing ត្រកូលអ្នកប្រហាខ្លានិនកុក - Tiger Crane , Hu He Yao Shi Lu , 虎鶴妖師錄

It tells the story of a group of teenagers who, in the name of their dreams, love and responsibility, go through the darkness of a chaotic world to save the world. Huzi, an optimistic and happy mountain orphan, accidentally swallows a red pearl, the treasure of Yang, and befriends the cold prince, who is also a pure beast, Qi Xiao Xuan, the national demon chief. The two young people with different personalities are forced to walk the road together because of the red pearl, they become friends with Zhao Xin Tong, Wang Yu Qian and others.

Vet Mun Banhjea Mekh

Channel 7
30 episodes · TV Ongoing វេទមន្តបញ្ជារមេឃ - The Tale of Skyward Sword 2023

Khunpol, a young archaeologist, and descendant of Khunphaen, goes in search of his missing grandfather. He ends up entering the village and meets Molin. Together, alongside some friends, they embark on an adventure through the mystical forest full of supernatural beings and soon they discover the secrets of the past that unites them.

Vireak Boros Leu Keu

34 episodes · TV Ongoing ข้าวเหนียวทองคำ - វីរបុរសឡឺកឺ

Ken works in an iron factory with a penchant for coming to people’s rescue. His fortune changes when he receives extraordinary powers from a grain of golden sticky rice.