Year 2022

Bondasa Sneha Chlong Phob 40-End

40 episodes · TV Completed 月歌行, Song of the Moon (2022)

Young Liu Shao meets a mysterious man with whom he changes his fate for three days full of happiness. At first, he lived the indifferent life of an heir until he involved himself in a battle between immortals and demons. Her intervention leads to the revelation of many romantic connections between her and Lu Li, an immortal shrouded in mystery.

Domnok Chheam Nak Klahan

40 episodes · TV Completed 少年歌行,The Blood of Youth (2022)

Befriending several people along the way, including Wu Xin, Sikong Qian Luo, Tang Lian, and Ye Ruo Yi, Xiao Se and Wu Jie soon find themselves caught up in an adventure far greater than any of them could have imagined. While facing countless dangers, the group stumbles upon a trail of clues that tie one of them to a battle for the throne that took place over a decade ago. The question is, is the intrepid hero ready and willing to take his rightful place as the leader of the people? And where will the brotherhood go from there?

Preah Neang Mjas Kompul Snea

Comedy, Historical, IQiyi, Romance
24 episodes · TV Completed 祝卿好,My Sassy Princess (2022)

Liu Ling is a young member of the royal family who has been granted the auspicious title of Princess Chang Le by the Emperor – who has a soft spot for her (and thinks little of her father). She is aged 20, and until now she has lived a pampered and privileged life. She is capricious, impatient, and quite bratty. Even when people lavish gifts upon her, she treats them with disdain. She has a habit of rubbing people up the wrong way and acting impulsively – a fact that has seen her develop many enemies at court. Even the common folk have a habit of spreading malicious – and often totally unfounded – rumors about her.

Super Star 2007

Channel 3
10 episodes · TV Ongoing ซุปตาร์ 2550,ស៊ុបភើស្តា ២០០៧

Leading man Ryu was at the height of his fame in 2007. Since then, his star has been in decline. Now, he wants to return to work and get his reputation back.