Year 2019

Angkarak Chet Dek Kmean Meta

55 episodes · TV Ongoing 锦衣之下, Under the Power (2019),អង្គរក្សចិត្តដែកគ្មានមេត្តា

Lu Yi is a cold, merciless and highly skilled member of the Ming Dynasty’s Jinyiwei (also known as the Brocaded Guards for their elaborately woven clothing). Jinyiwei is part of the Emperor’s bodyguard who also serves as a secret police officer, and Lu Yi is one of the best at his job. He meets Yuan Jin Xia, an intelligent, feisty, and tomboyish person from the Sixth Police Department, and they clash over a case involving both of them. Their path continues to be uneventful in a series of small things until Lu Yi is assigned by the emperor to investigate the secret loss of money that was allocated for the repair of the river in Yangzhou. One of his small group of followers includes Yuan Jin Xia, and as the two work together to solve the case, they find themselves involved in uncovering a conspiracy involving high court officials while their feelings for each other slowly change from apathy and respectful friendship to love.

Vivet Sne Vak 2

GMM 25
05 episodes · TV Completed คลับฟรายเดย์เดอะซีรีส์ 11 รักที่ไม่ได้ออกอากาศ ตอน รักซึมเศร้า,Depressive Love (2019)

He’s unable to cut either one out of his life. One is his mother, who loves and wishes him well above all else. The other is her, with depression, which he has to understand and care for.