Year 2016

Chomnorng Sneh Boros Chomlaek

16 episodes · TV Ongoing 우리집에 사는 남자,The Man Living in Our House , Man Living at My

Hong Na Ri is a proud flight attendant who suffers many misfortunes after her mother’s death, then she discovers that her longtime partner, Jo Dong Jin, and fellow flight attendant Do Yeo Joo are cheating on her. him. To clear her mind Na Ri returns to her mother’s house, only to find a handsome young man, Go Nan Gil, lives in Na Ri’s mother’s house and runs her mother’s restaurant. Unexpectedly, Nan Gil told Na Ri that he was her father, and married Na Ri’s mother before he died! Meanwhile, Kwon Duk Bong is a wealthy businessman who wants to help Na Ri get her mother’s property back so she can develop the land. Can he help Na Ri prove that Nan Gil is a liar?