Reach Veang Chong Chet

Hunan TV
37 episodes · TV Ongoing 宫锁珠帘 - រាជវាំងចងចិត្ត - The Lock Pearl Screen 2012

New Gong tells a new love story set in the Yongzheng era. Lian Er asked her father to let her enter the palace so she could meet the 17th head Yun Li. But when Yun Li’s teacher, Alinga, finds himself in trouble, Yun Li has no choice but to marry Alinga’s daughter to save her. A heartbroken Lian Er tries her best to protect herself in the palace, dreaming of being able to leave the palace and lead a normal life. He never expected to be a part of the power game that the authorities used and deceived the girl he thought was his sister.